ARCHIMULTIDOOR: Rewrites by Giorgia Ori (in Art: Lucy in the sky)


A city gate is open, but we don’ t know which city it belongs to. What we know is that, in the relationship between space and time, time is now. All the rest is in front of us: ways to be, directions to choose.

So, how to choose?

We’re observers with watchful eyes. The city doesn’ t belong to us. It’s a destination: so distant as so close. We’ve the chance of not choosing. We can walk them all. We could be carried away by what we want to know, because the theater of human actions is so strange and alive at the same time. If we don’t have a culture, if we’re distant observers, if we don’t search for what disturbs our quiet.

So, is it possible to observe without a cultural base? And why do we do it?



It’s not possible in contemporary cities. We belong to a culture, we need a culture, and we’ll always go back to that unconsciously, as to be part of a group. As a matter of fact, in contemporary cities, all groups work together, synchronously and not, creating a world opened to us. We no longer need to choose then, we’re part of that totality now, which includes all cultures along with architecture.

We became the best observers of MULTICULTURE, thanks to new and particular point of view.



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