The Roads to New-York


Picture by BENZ.

“Archimultidoor” ‘s door was unknown. Now we know what door it is. New-York’s door.

But, Why this city?

I think you know why. Obviously New-York is one of the place where multiculturalism is rooted more deeper. We find here Manhattan’s district which also contains the districts of Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Arabia and Harlem.Those which we are going to show. A lot of small theaters which coexist in a frantic movement.

The frantic movement and the non-stop development are all representative of American culture, that’s clearly visible in the district of Manhattan, where the human’s houses have become endless tower.

The island is the symbol of the U.S.A.’s culture with a lot of people who carry many point of view and many costumes, so, many cultures.

Statue of liberty represent american independence but also cultures independence. It’s the demonstration of a free world, where man is similar to other, where man is master of his future, where the country of birth doesn’t conflict whit the possibilities.

Thanks to the possibilities, which acted like a magnet, we can see a lot of cultures that are ready to show their changes finally.

Where New-York’s door is opened the streets are opened.